"Blame" by SWOG is out now.
SWOG is an emerging artist with over 500,000 subscribers and 125,000,000 plays on Youtube. '' Blame '' will be his first NFTed music video.
The Drop
After the success of his first Single / NFT (Naissance) was sold for $ 5000 Bakes, SWOG is back in the market with "Blame", his second single and first music video.
This time the NFT, "Blame" will be an exclusive creation with the best takes from the video clip artistically edited for the occasion while a unique edition is not available on any other platform.
The Auction Winner, in addition to receiving the 1-1 copy of the NFT "Blame", will receive the original SWOG T-shirt worn during the filming of the video clip along, stickers, a note signed by the artist and… a mention in the Youtube Video Description.