The Dancing Koda
The Radio Caca Gallery, in partnership with KODA inc.  (, is a digital gallery which bridges the gap between NFT’s and music, art, fashion, meme world.
the Radio Caca Gallery provides liquidity channels among multiple NFT marketplaces through our payment token, #RACA. Some of the current liquidity channels include, but are not limited to,  and
The Drop
Koda, a quadruped robotic dog, is one of the world's first decentralized AI robotic dogs with the optionality to store data on the IPFS/Filecoin Network.
This NFT drop is handled by KODA’s exclusive partner, the Radio Caca Gallery. Note: The actual KODA robotic dog does not have the current functionality to imitate the dancing movements as shown in the NFT.
This NFT auction is a sneak peek into our next big drop. Stay tuned!