Shoko Takasaki debut NFT is available now!
Sweet NFT Summer is here! Tokau and BakerSwap are launching the First NFT Series with Shoko Takasaki. Chop-chop! Join in our auction and get her NFT!
The Drop
June 22, in the live event, Shoko will show you her NFT photo shooting process, and will make 1 NFT creations with her lip print and signature on site! You can enjoy her NFT creation process from the beginning. Eternal Bond with Shoko Takasaki!
During the live, we'll begin an auction of the ONLY NFT with personal customization by Shoko Takasaki. We will also paint the address of the bidder's wallet on Shoko Takasaki's body, and generate an exclusive NFT. For detailed information, please visit our official website:
At the same time, the proceeds of NFT auction (20% of the hammer price) will be donated to BinanceCharity!