Grolar Inc. latest retro console « Pongo Pongo » is out!
The Grolar Playground is a multidisciplinary artistic project that developed itself throughout the blockchain. It is constantly building up the lore by adding new pieces to its fictional universe, and they teamed up again with BakeryGallery to present you this new retro console. Both versions are unique with their very own mascots.
The Drop
Pongo Pongo is part of the forgotten console series initiated by Grolar With BakeryGallery. The console, created in 1989, was an instant hit at the time, especially because it was one of the rare multiplayer portable console on the market. It came out with a link cable, allowing 2players to compete simultaneously.
The game itself is a prestige edition of the original "Pong" game. It literally flooded into the schoolyards and there was a clear distinction between the blue and red teams that went as far as the intro splash screen of both versions. It’s now time to pick your team!