"Bunny Awakening" by Custom Horror & MCTR
"Bunny Awakening" is a piece bringing together Danish VR artist Custom Horror & German Trap producer MCTR to deliver a stunning audiovisual NFT exclusive to BakeryGallery.
The Drop
With Custom Horror's recent expansion into the NFT scene and exploration of VR painting and 3d animation. It was only natural to reach out to his favorite musicians to elevate his work. Army Energy Drink" is the series of collectible energy drinks from Muwasha and BakeryGallery. It is an additional supplement that provides energy for those sleepless nights in the face of the ups and downs of the crypto market.
Today the name MCTR is widely known in the trap and bass scene and enjoys a high degree of respect among other artists. This is due to MCTR's futuristic and completely unique sound which sets him apart from everyone else.
MCTR, Custom Horror & BakeryGallery are proud to reveal "Bunny Awakening" available for purchase June 7th.
Proper sound equipment is advised to enjoy this piece to it's fullest.