Muwasha iProjects “Golden Alchemy Toys” is out!
Muwasha iProjects is a personal project that focuses its activity mainly on the creation of visuals for artist shows within urban and electronic music. But now he's focused on a new adventure: Creating a Legendary Alchemy Toys Tribute for passionate collectors!
The Drop
Become the proclaimed new God of Alchemy and get your share of the temple treasure.
The “Golden Alchemy Toys” is a limited edition cards Tribute for fancy collectors and enthusiasts of Alchemy Toys and GAT network.
Alchemy Toys is an NFT Blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain. The $GAT ecosystem token (pre-mined and limited to 1,000,000) is NOT required to play, but can be wagered on the DApp to earn $BNB from the game's treasury.
It is similar to the classic alchemy game in a multi-game version with NFT collectibles that are backed by real value, consisting of the growing treasure of the game. He collects token "cards" and "melts" them into new ones. A collection of all types of tokens gives you a key to the treasure. When a player wins a single game (= epoch), the next one begins. For the new era you keep the cards that you have not used in the last.